Monday, March 16, 2015

A Nation in Waiting: DTSF (Down to street food) Shopping spree madness

Dear Korea,

It has been swell, but the blisters on my feet will thank you if you just tone it down a bit for a day, kay thanks bai. 

But for realsies, it’s time to talk about how walkable, talkable, and shoppable this city is because (spoiler alert) it’s insane.

First of all the metro is everywhere doing EVERYTHING. Walk to a street corner in myeong-dong and you will find a hub that will lead you into an underground metropolis sprawling with every manner of knockoff couture accessory and sugary pastry known to mankind (a dangerous combination to any unsuspecting tourist’s budget). Secondly, street fairs abound, I have never seen a metropolis spring forth every evening and be gone without a trace by midnight, (never in the same place twice apparently) anywhere in the states. Meat on sticks every direction, confections that both boggle the mind and sooth the Seoul. Do you know what craze has apparently caught on by storm in Korea? It’s not gangnam style, its churro's and its proof that god is real amiright? I’m enthralled and overwhelmed and in need of an 80's movie style transformative shopping spree montage, so I bid you adieu from Seoul, and leave you with the styling’s of the incomparable Diana Ross.

The Baer in Seoul
Signing off~

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