Friday, March 20, 2015

Coming Back :(

The trip as a whole was such a wonderful experience. Not only did I get to experience soul at its finest but got to meet some great people in my class. The trip was amazing, I learned so much in the laps of one week that at the end I did not want to leave. After getting home It really hit me how although there is a lot of American influence, there is still that true Korean culture that I fell in love with. I loved the fast speed street life, but also appreciated that people took their time to have either lunch or dinner sitting down. Also I really enjoyed that Korean culture shares food in the table, it brought a sense of unity and sharing.

When the trip was coming to an end It sucked because we were all getting so used to the lifestyle and getting around. I finally was able to semi understand the subway system. I had learned by hard how to say hello and thank you, and I was getting a hang of the place. I loved the fact that we had free time to explore and adventure Seoul. I also loved the security of the city, honesty and kindness of the people. I had to adapt to spicy food, which I cannot do, but this trip has made me tolerate it more! And that’s great!

I take with me great memories, new friendships and amazing knowledge on Korean culture. I will be back again in the future, there is no doubt about that. I want to Thank Professor Rector, Sarah LaRosa and Sarah Kim for making this possible.

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