Friday, March 20, 2015

DMZ site visit

 I definitely had a very interesting experience at DMZ mainly because it gave me a chance to see North Korea in person for the first time in my life. It was kind of weird seeing the card board city that I had read about and seen in the movie the Interview because it looked like a buzzing city from the observatory. I was also even more surprised about the DMZ movie that started out looking like a WWII call to action video ended looking like a nature island paradise advertisement and ended with the odd slogan "Long live the DMZ!".

It was just weird and somewhat alarming in general seeing the tunnels that North Korea had dug through the DMZ and how many of them there actually were. The size of the tunnel itself caught me by surprise as I must have hit my head at least 20 times on the way down and maybe 15 on the way back. I remember thinking to myself "wow North Korea must have the shortest army ever". I was a little annoyed when I found out that the reason we had been rushing so much in the stops along the way to and at the DMZ was so that the tour company could stop at  jewelry store that they most likely got discounts from for taking the tour there.

However at the same time I couldn't complain because not many college students get to say that they've been on a study abroad let alone to Korea, or the DMZ.  I felt annoyed for Sara LaRosa when I found that she researched the tour company and they were the highest rated company on Koreas version of Yelp for tour companies. Overall I didn't let the slightly negative experience at the DMZ take away from my overall experience at on the trip and I had a great time. 

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