Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gossip Girl. Is this what Koreans think of us?

During our visit to Korea University we were given the opportunity to talk with students our own age. We were prompted to talk about issues such as the June uprising and other important Political issues, so naturally we found ourselves talking about anything but (don't worry we DID end up having some intelligent conversation). Someone in our group asked our new friend what she thought about Americans, what did she know about us? Her impressions? She giggled and simply said "Gossip Girl". I don't know why this hit me, but it made me think about how this girl must have thought about us. Did she think we lived the Gossip Girl life? In our designer outfits, navigating the social snake pit that is the Manhattan upper class. I hope not. Walking around Korea University, I was struck how at home I felt. Just another college campus. Students laughing, downing coffee, waiting for the weekend and fighting over reading rooms. Travel (ironically) always reminds me of how incredibly small this world is.

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