Friday, March 20, 2015

Overall: Awesome

            The overall perception I have of Seoul and the Korean people is one of high praise. I thought the trip was going to be a good one, but I assumed beforehand that something would irk me about the people or some other instance. I didn’t though; the people themselves were very nice and incredibly helpful. They knew we were tourists and were very patient with us. The transportation system was much better than ours, from the underground tunnels to the trains themselves and the buses; it was just amazing at how efficient it was.
The food was incredible and every restaurant from street food to dives, to bars, and to high class was so amazing. The fried chicken was the best thing ever. I may never eat fried chicken in America again. The Korean barbecue was various but each one that I went to had its own little charm and flavor. The food was also so cheap and as a poor college student (as most are) can appreciate that. Top to bottom though it was amazing food.

My one problem was the lack of trashcans anywhere in the city. Saying that though by the morning the city was incredibly clean. So I think people must not worry too much about it and neither should I.
The sights were pretty cool, but personally the DMZ was disappointing. I found two different sights to be my favorite. First, the Seoul tower that has an incredible view of Seoul. Second, was the old prison in Seoul that was breath taking, not in the sense of sights but was eye opening to see the atrocities the Korean people went through during the colonial period of Japan. As well as understanding the purpose of these museums, to show how bad the Japanese are.

 I absolutely loved everything about Seoul, Korea from the sights, sounds and smells to the Korean people I met and the friends in the class I made. It will forever be a great week, which I will remember forever. I can’t wait to go back.  

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