Friday, March 20, 2015

Travel in Korea

Traveling in Korea has a lot to offer, but in my journey in Korea, I saw two things that are very different and distinct from here in Washington D.C. Firstly, I found the Seoul metro or subway system to be impeccable. I liked how it was very organized and clearly laid out. It was also incredibly clean compared to the D.C. metro. It seemed to be about a $1 equivalent, which was incredible. Most important of all though it had a jingle that I have played in my head almost everyday since I’ve gotten back. In comparison to D.C. metro its so much better. The second thing I found very interesting was the street food, which in every way was incredible, from weird delicacies to delicious chocolate pupusa type food. It was available almost everywhere and everything was delicious. I was eye opening compared to D.C. where street fair is a hot dog or something uninteresting and its not always good. The week I spent traveling in Seoul was much better than the two years of travel I’ve done in Washington D.C. So I have just one question to ask when can we go back?

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